More In-House Craftsmen. Fewer Subcontractors.

Many of our craftspeople have been on staff for over ten years. We have a solid team in place and build a culture of excellence around them.

A Culture of Construction Excellence

A Note from Tony Zahn.

On November 10th, 1995, when I was just 23 years old, I assembled a three-man crew and began a career in homebuilding. It was a goal of mine since working in carpentry from a very young age, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m proud to say that I live my passion every day.

I grew up in Holland, Michigan, where I’d see generational homes up and down the shore of Lake Michigan—homes that were made to endure and be passed down. I decided that was the kind of home I wanted to build for our clients.

I recently finished constructing my own home, right on the shore of Lake Michigan, and use experiences like this to hone our client-driven process. I feel it’s important that a dedicated home builder should periodically build their own home, with their own money, to stay fully dedicated to their craft. To date, I’ve built 7 significant custom homes for myself and my family.

Building luxury homes is what I know. It’s all I do. It’s truly my biggest and only professional focus.

–Tony Zahn, Founder and President

Tony Zahn

Our craftsmen apply principles of building science to design a high-performance home made to endure for generations.

Investing in Our Employees.

We have incredibly high standards for the people we hire. Once on our team, we support each individual’s professional growth by investing in continuing education, building science conferences, better building seminars, and builder shows across the country.

Investing in Employees

At Zahn, the Skilled Worker Shortage Isn’t an Issue.

There’s a major labor shortage in our industry, which often makes homebuilding projects a problem, especially when clients desire a high level of craftsmanship. By building a legitimate team, we’ve ensured the labor shortage never becomes an issue. 

Skilled Worker Shortage

Over 30 Carpenters on the Zahn Staff.

We are proud to employ some of West Michigan’s finest finish carpenters, allowing us to fully control the most intricate details of your home. We’ve always believed in self-performing carpentry and strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.

Awards from Over the Years.

  • AIA Award — West Olive, MI — Lucid Architecture
    Pigeon Creek
  • Regional AIA Award — Ada, MI — Lucid Architecture
    Dogwood Residence
  • AIA Award — Saugatuck, MI — Home Design by Brian Schipper
    Pleasant Street Residence
  • AIA Award — Ada, MI — Mathison Architects
  • Holland HBA Distinguished Builder of the Year Award
  • Grand Rapids Business Journal — Top Ten Business Journal

Certified for Performance.

  • CGRB
    Certified Graduate Residential Builder
  • CGB
    Certified Green Builders
  • EEBA
    2012 and 2013 Energy & Environmental Building Alliance Conference Attendees

By involving our team early in the process, we’ll provide insight and answers from an expert builder’s perspective.