New Portfolio Project: White House / Black Socks

New Portfolio Project: White House / Black Socks

It took two years to find the ideal plot of land. We worked closely with the owners, scouring Lake Michigan, vetting numerous spots for their eventual new build. “That’s the one,” they said, and we wasted no time. First, we partnered with the architect who proposed a stunning design that complied fully with MDGQ restrictions. The owners were delighted – and the build began.

The dream home was also a dream project –unique, challenging, and fun the whole way through. The crew began on March 2014 and the owners were moved in right before Christmas. It was a gift for the whole family – a traditional estate home with a modern, sleek interior.

From beginning to end, the project took twelve months. Today, the white house seen from the sands of Lake Michigan is a testament to our on-schedule mentality, even with a project of this detail and magnitude.

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