A Better Experience, from the Very Beginning. 

When you work with Zahn Builders, you can expect the process to be transparent, efficient, and enjoyable, starting with an accurate, open-book cost estimate.

Dedicated to Clients, Long After the Build.

Our work is never “done.” After the build, our clients can keep their project manager on speed dial and get answers to any question—year and even decades later. No project or request is too small for us. We acknowledge building a custom home is a large investment and we’re there for you. No exceptions.

Seeking Clients Who are as Passionate About Building as We Are.

We share our client’s excitement for big ideas. Our job is fulfilling their ultimate dream and goals. 

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What Makes Zahn Builders Different?

When you’re choosing a builder, there are countless details to consider. Professionalism and mutual respect should be your minimum expectation, but we exceed expectations in a few key areas.

A Dedicated Project Manager on Every Project.

We value the experience of each client so much, we assign them a dedicated a project manager whose sole focus is their home. Each project manager is an expert carpenter and often self-perform work on site, while supervising other trades. 

Self-Performing Our Carpentry Work.

Zahn employees perform construction at every level and maintain control during the entire process. From the structure of a home to the siding, we do it all.

Executing Spectacular Features.

Whether it’s an underground tunnel, bowling alley, elite custom pool, indoor shooting range, hidden room, or wine cellar, our team enjoys rising to the challenge clients and architects put in front of us—executing the boldest ideas with excellence and precision. 

Delivering Client Exclusivity.

To deliver the quality and customer experience our clients deserve Zahn Builders only takes on 6–10 projects at a time. Contact Tony Zahn directly for current availability. 

Overdelivering for Every Client.

Our business is client-centered in every way. Whatever unique challenge your home build presents, we’ll help you overcome. One example is using our warehouse as a storage unit for clients who need goods delivered while their home is being constructed.

Our long-standing relationships with past and current clients, architects, and interior designers are a testament to the stability and integrity of our company.

Our Investments Prove Our Commitment.

We proudly invest in many ways, including:

An 11,000-square-foot office and woodshop located in Holland, Michigan.

Our 30-member team, including some of the area’s best carpenters. We’re dedicated to investing in their craft and education.   

State-of-the-art equipment (company trucks, sky tracks, and other specialty tools).

Our clients. We’re not in this business for the good times. We’re in it for the long haul.